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Keep your finger on the pulseIt’s a big part of our job to keep track of technology and process developments within the automation industry.

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Automation Industry news that puts your finger on the pulse

The robots are coming

But not to steal your job, and here’s why... There's a lot of hype and scaremongering out there that the robots are coming and they are going to steal all our jobs. But history has shown that if anything automation and process improvement do just the opposite. Here's...

DAJO Solutions scores an IoT hat-trick

DAJO Solutions ongoing commitment to delivering cutting edge IoT and IIoT solutions has resulted in a third OEM partnership. This time with German manufacturer IFM. Dave Chandler, MD of DAJO Solutions said; “We were very pleased to be given the opportunity to show IFM...

The Faraday Challenge

The Faraday Challenge The first strategy development to come from the governments green paper - Building our industrial Strategy has been announced. The Faraday challenge is the Government's latest initiative to drive forward the UK technology base. Specifically...

Building our industrial strategy green paper

Building our Industrial Strategy The consultation period for the Governments green paper on developing an industrial strategy is now closed. However action has already come of it, and you can find out more about the first stage, the Faraday Challenge, here. You can...

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